Notary Public Service
Riverdale Credit Union provides this service to all of our credit union members for free.  We have a notary available at both of our office locations for your convenience.
The National Notary Association has developed the "What Is a Notary Public?" brochure, part of a national campaign to educate the public about Notaries. It is available free and printed in both English and Spanish.
Designed to educate the public and the business community about how Notaries function as a deterrent to fraud, the brochure has been one of the Association's most widely used publications since it was introduced more than a decade ago. It is estimated that "What Is a Notary Public?" has reached more than one million people through the NNA's (National Notary Association)* various distribution avenues.
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* "The National Notary Association is the nation’s professional Notary organization and serves the professional, educational, career and business needs of Notaries throughout the U.S. Since 1957, the NNA has helped Notaries to serve society responsibly and ethically."